Monday, November 1, 2010


Yotej, flew swiftly, high above the immense cavernous city streets. The people below were smaller than ants and regarded with about as much concern. He had a message from the High Council for the governor of the Lowveldians. He would sweep in, drop the scroll, pick up the flimsily paper scraps that they scrawled their incoherent babble on without a seconds hesitation and race back to the heights of Crimson Mountain. He knew Gaquliv would be waiting with a smug grin of superiority on his face for being able to make the run in less than half the time.

He pushed through the air until his wings stung like fire needles. He caught the streams of air to push him along and nearly crashed into the landing platform just to gain even a fragment of a second more.

“Where’s the fish?” Gaquliv inquired.

“No fish.” Yotej shot back annoyed that once again he failed to increase his time much at all.

“Really? I figured with all the time you took you must have been on a lovely holiday, taking your leisure, fishing.”

“And you? Were you napping the entire time I was gone?”

“I most certainly could have, not only that I could have married and had three children by the time you graced us with your glorious presence.”

“You could have if any woman would have you.”

“No, no woman could, but many have tried.”

“But of course they couldn’t stomach your arrogance.”

“Is that a mirror you hold in your hands dear cousin?”

Yotej turned towards the council building as Gaquliv spread his wings and flew off. Someday he would show his cousin that he had the right to wear the golden seal of a messenger of the Council.

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