Friday, November 5, 2010



Hello all, a friend of my friends was nice enough to review my first couple of post, she graciously gave me some advice.

1. Learn to spell.
2. Review grammar and punctuation.
3. Learn the meanings of words before using them.

I’ve asked my friend to, (since he offered) to feel free to correct my work and send it back to me so I can repost it.

So if you find a misspelled word, or improper use of grammar, or it is obvious I have no idea what a word really means, I could give you his address and you could take it out on him. OR you could sit back, read and enjoy, realizing I am not professional and most likely won’t be anytime soon with out an awesome editor.

Thanks all. Sorry if my mistakes get in your way of enjoying the story.


  1. LOL! Well, you definitely showed a good command of the English language when offering to send everyone to me if they find some problems! :-)

    Don't worry too much about what the lady said about your grasp of the English language. She and I debate with each other almost every time we see each other.

  2. Well, it is a good professional review. I just wish spell checker worked better. I can't see anything wrong. Of course I guess that's the point, if I could I hope I would correct it. Anyway Help me O-bill-kanobi you are my only hope. :-)

    Oh, P.S. I wasn't even going to mention your name, but since YOU did, Him, he's the one, blame him. :-)

  3. Hey, why not blame me? Just shoot the messenger.

    At least, you don't spell "know" as "no"!