Saturday, November 6, 2010


Mehanla, the mother of Yala, entered her parlor of her home, the scene before her confused her for a moment. She closed her eyes so she could understand the dishevel.

“The Highone’s be blessed.” She praised, for it was obvious to her that the power of the crystal feather was so great that it had to be released, the feather broke into two, the glass container shattered and a symbol of the birth of a Highone, pure white feathers lay before her. And most important, the gold coin. It was the favor of the Highones on her house. Carefully she gathered each item, she made two well crafted baskets, one to hold the broken glass, that was the larger basket, inside that basket she placed a smaller basked and lined the bottom of it with the white feathers, on top of the white feathers she placed the two pieces of the crystal feather.

“Twin Highone’s, safe and comfortable, protected by a fortress.” She smiled as she covered the baskets and placed them carefully in a safe, hidden place, for that is where you put promises until they are fulfilled. Last of all she made a setting and a chord for the gold piece.

When Yala returned home, she called her daughter to her.

“Yala, my love, we are blessed, and you are favored.” Mehanla placed the gold coin around her daughters neck, she kissed her on each cheek. Yala touched the coin, she looked towards where the crystal feather had once rested. The matter was not discussed, but the coin obviously came from the Highones, perhaps they had come and had rewarded her mother for returning the precious feather.

Yala looked towards Crimson Mountain as she often did, she held the coin and praised the Highones, they had rewarded her mother, not killed her, not destroyed them for holding the feather. They have shown mercy and had favored them. She slept on the stone bench on the balcony the stars shining down on her, a smile on her face, and her dreams were more than pleasant this night.

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