Thursday, November 18, 2010

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Monday, November 8, 2010


Yotej soaked in a hot bath for as long as he could. He had to ease the pain. He was grateful that his arm was not dislocated as he had first thought, it was merely bruised to the bone. Which did not feel merely at all. He would say nothing to no one. He would force himself to fulfill his duties as usual, he had no choice if he wanted to remain a Golden Messenger.

The previous day was not easy, how he managed he did not know, but now he hurt more than before. At the evening banquet he accepted an extra goblet of wine or two it only helped dull the pain a bit. He was restless as he slept. His dreams were haunted with Gaquliv’s taunts, he dreamt of sturdy shoes that were heavy and hard, he couldn’t walk because they weighed him down, in truth he had never really seen the sturdy shoes of the Lowveldians, and if he had he hadn’t paid any attention to them. He woke up startled. He couldn’t sleep anymore. He paced in his room and looked out on the dark sky, he felt a chill that did not come from the night. Oddly he looked down at the city below. Strange noises, barely audible from this distance touched his ears. He looked towards home, Crimson mountain, he should have felt comfort but he did not. He poured himself a goblet of wine.

He would not be able to do his duties when the sun would rise, his injury would be discovered and he would loose his rank. He was not ready to face that, not yet anyway. Another goblet of wine and the night passed.

A loud clap that sounded like thunder broke his thoughts. A messenger, a Golden Messenger was arriving, but why at this hour? Yotej made his way silently through the quiet corridors of the Holding, The messenger would by protocol arrive at the entrance platform, Yotej hid behind a massive pillar that overlooked the courtyard of the platform.

An audible groan escaped his lips as he saw the messenger that was landing, it was none other that the horrid Gaquliv. No! Why did it have to be him? Now for certain he could not face the days task, the thoughts that beat in his mind were cowardly and insulting even to him who was the thinker of such thoughts. He would not run and hide as his thoughts demanded he do. He would face the consequences as soon as Gaquliv was not there. He balled his fist ready to fight the thoughts away.

Gaquliv, handed the satchel he carried to one of the two guards that had met him, they left the platform. With his duty done, at least for now, he would turn his attention to his amusement.

Yotej stepped back somewhat startled, Gaquliv looked directly towards the piller he was behind like he knew he was there. With a flutter of his wings Gaquliv rose from the ground, Yotej stepped backwards towards the morning shadows. He felt his way along the wall behind him until he found the doorway. Gaquliv approached slowly, tauntingly. Yotej cursed himself for his actions as he quickly made his way down the corridor towards his room before Gaquliv came around the corner. He stood just inside his room with his back to the wall close to the doorway willing Gaquliv to go else where or to pass by, but Gaquliv continued to approach. It was clear he was coming to taunt him.

Yotej went to the balcony had stood on the other side of wall that jutted out a bit. Maybe if Gaquliv didn’t find him in his room he would just leave, than it would be over. Yotej would go and speak to Lady Bewhrom, he would let her know of his injury and his inability to perform his duties today. There will be consequences, but at least Gaquliv would not be there.

Yotej sucked in his breath, he so wanted to be a Golden Messenger. He wanted to please his family, he wanted to stand proud in the High Council chambers. That was what was important to him, not what Gaquliv thought about him, not what he said. He wasn’t going to hide, he was going to go before Lady Bewhrom now, it didn’t matter that Gaquliv was there. As he stepped out from behind the wall there was a clang. The solid doors of the balcony closed, they were never closed, he had almost forgot the balconies had doors. He pulled on the handles, they were locked. Gaquliv had locked him out. Well at least that way. But there were many other doors. He would just go to another. He stretched his wing and prepared to fly to the balcony above him and to the right.

“Arrgh!” he winced in pain, but pushed himself, he flapped his wing closing his eyes against the sharpness stabbing him to the bone. He rose from his platform and moved towards the upper balcony. Too much, too much pain, a cramp he pulled his wing in as he grabbed for the upper platform he fell only being able to slow his decent with his one wing. The Holding out of reach, falling past one floor of the tall building after another. Nothing to grab on to.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Mehanla, the mother of Yala, entered her parlor of her home, the scene before her confused her for a moment. She closed her eyes so she could understand the dishevel.

“The Highone’s be blessed.” She praised, for it was obvious to her that the power of the crystal feather was so great that it had to be released, the feather broke into two, the glass container shattered and a symbol of the birth of a Highone, pure white feathers lay before her. And most important, the gold coin. It was the favor of the Highones on her house. Carefully she gathered each item, she made two well crafted baskets, one to hold the broken glass, that was the larger basket, inside that basket she placed a smaller basked and lined the bottom of it with the white feathers, on top of the white feathers she placed the two pieces of the crystal feather.

“Twin Highone’s, safe and comfortable, protected by a fortress.” She smiled as she covered the baskets and placed them carefully in a safe, hidden place, for that is where you put promises until they are fulfilled. Last of all she made a setting and a chord for the gold piece.

When Yala returned home, she called her daughter to her.

“Yala, my love, we are blessed, and you are favored.” Mehanla placed the gold coin around her daughters neck, she kissed her on each cheek. Yala touched the coin, she looked towards where the crystal feather had once rested. The matter was not discussed, but the coin obviously came from the Highones, perhaps they had come and had rewarded her mother for returning the precious feather.

Yala looked towards Crimson Mountain as she often did, she held the coin and praised the Highones, they had rewarded her mother, not killed her, not destroyed them for holding the feather. They have shown mercy and had favored them. She slept on the stone bench on the balcony the stars shining down on her, a smile on her face, and her dreams were more than pleasant this night.

Friday, November 5, 2010

City Holdings

Yotej found it frustrating to work on his speed where Gaquliv could monitor his every move. A storm of taunts always followed. Dark clouds seemed to form in his mind after every encounter, it soured his mood for the rest of the day and it was becoming noticeable.

Kpuzaf called Yotej into his chambers. “You are distracted, and snippy which is not the behavior of a Golden Messenger, perhaps the council was correct in that you are too young for this position?”

“Please Lord Kpuzaf I am not too young, I wish nothing more than to prove this to you and the Elders.”

“To me? To the Elders? Or merely to Gaquliv?”

Yotej lowered his head just enough that spoke volumes to Kpuzaf. “I see, this is not acceptable. You will go and present yourself to Lady Bewhrom of the City Holdings and see if you can be of service to her. If you fail there you will loose your place. Is this understood?”

“Yes Lord Kpuzaf.”

“You will go at once.”

It would not have hurt any more if an arrow were stuck in his back, it was difficult to breath. All he had hoped for all he had dreamed of was to stand proud in the council, to please his family. The shame of loosing position tore at him. If he also lost his rank he might as well pull large boulders down on his head and die of embarrassment.

He packed his small sack, the elegantly woven bag with the fine colorful stitching. His family saw him off including Gaquliv, which he could have done without. But it was nice that his parents and his sister blessed his journey with kisses and small honey cakes.

Of course Gaquliv couldn’t let him go without comment or jibe. He boldly walked up to Yotej and handed him a newly minted gold coin. From anyone else it would have been a generous gift.

Yotej walked towards the platform Gaquliv on his heels. Once out of earshot he smiled his smirky smile. “That is so when you finish bashing your wings against the buildings you can take your coin to the Lowveldians and buy a pair of decent walking shoes. But do not worry cousin, I will be expecting you shortly and will keep an eye to the valleys so I can drag you up the mountain with out you having to put any effort in to that part of your journey at least.”

“You are all too kind. Why don’t you keep it. I am sure you will need sturdy shoes far sooner than I ever will.”

Gaquliv chuckled. “We shall see oh wingless one.”

Yotej gripped the coin rather than toss it at his feet. He couldn’t afford anymore demonstrations of his temper.

He stepped off the platform and let himself drop. The air rushed at him, he kept his wings tucked letting the speed increase. Pointing his head upwards and spreading his wings he set his course towards the city and to his shame. This is one trip he was not in a hurry to make. In fact any distraction would be nice at this point to delay walking into the City Holdings in his current condition. Nothing he flew over held his attention long enough to delay his arrival by much, of course if Gaquliv was here he would go on and on about the grass growing from seed to great weeds choking out the tall tress or some lame babble. Why couldn’t he just keep his thoughts to himself. It would make life so much easier.

Lady Bewhrom had many task for Yotej from sun up to sun down day in and day out. It was a pleasant demanding routine not allowing him much time to think or stew. After one such long day he entered his chamber in the high tower of the castle that spanned across several of the Lowveldians city buildings that seemed to touch the sky if looked on from below. He fell face forward on to his elegant silk bed covering and slept almost instantly.

Up again the next morning he went about his task as usual. He loved running errands as he spent that time practicing his speed, far away from Gaquliv. He whipped around a corner and than another he flew down low to gain momentum and shot back up to the building heights he avoided a flock of birds, or so he thought, a stray one alone was too hard to dodge when it didn’t register until a heartbeat before he hit it face first. He felt like his head had been snapped off as his nose, mouth, and eyes filled with feathers, than searing pain as he slammed his right shoulder into something very hard and unmovable. He tumbled and rolled, the sound of glass breaking. Dizzily he wiped at his eyes removing the white feathers. The room spun, his arm hung limp white feathers floated around him like a small cloud. He was in an unusual room. He pulled himself with his left hand towards the balcony and the way back out.

On the floor was his gold coin, Gaquliv’s gold coin. Why he carried it with him he wasn’t sure, unless it was so he could give it back once he mastered speed. Now it just lay there mocking him much like Gaquliv would have.. He didn’t bother to pick it up. When he stood on the balcony he stretched his wings making sure they were functional. The pain of his dislocated arm caused him to not want to move his wing. He looked over the edge of the balcony. He looked up. Somehow he had to get to the Holdings. Painfully he climbed higher than glided to the next building, it hurt, but at least he could do it. He repeated this several times before he landed on the Holding landing platform.



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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Yala looked up as she heard the mighty drums of the High Ones announcing the arrival of a messenger, the silver streak drawing a path in the sky. She would follow it as far as she dared, going through the city to look for a delicate crystal feather. Her mother had found one many years ago and was blessed with good fortune. She always told Yala that is why she was born to her. Yala had been able to hold the feather once a year on the day of her birth celebration.
The softness by far rivaled the eyelashes of a new born baby and the crystal like fibers sparkled more than the mountain spring water. There was a sweet aromatic smell that lingered still. It was an honor to hold the feather and many people from the city came to look at it. Some offered great amounts of money for it, but her mother would not sell. She did not want her good fortune to depart.

She returned to her family’s apartment in one of the tall buildings and strode to the balcony to look towards Crimson Mountain; she dreaded that her view was obstructed. She went to the parlor and looked at the feather in its glass case, wishing it was her celebration day. She tried to make herself think about the High Ones as much as possible so she could carry them with her in her dreams.

They did follow her to her dreamland, but the images were not pleasant—they were freighting and unfriendly. She hid for her protection all the while wishing she could catch one, just for a moment, to pluck a feather.

She sprung awake shaking and cold, staring at her hands without being able to see them through the darkness. She calmed herself, telling herself that she had not grabbed a feather. Somehow that knowledge reassured her that swarms of High Ones would not attack to have the feather returned. She walked to the balcony to look at the moon, to see if any High One approached. She stared in the direction of Crimson Mountain willing the buildings to disappear before her so she could have a clear view of the distant mountain.

Monday, November 1, 2010


Yotej, flew swiftly, high above the immense cavernous city streets. The people below were smaller than ants and regarded with about as much concern. He had a message from the High Council for the governor of the Lowveldians. He would sweep in, drop the scroll, pick up the flimsily paper scraps that they scrawled their incoherent babble on without a seconds hesitation and race back to the heights of Crimson Mountain. He knew Gaquliv would be waiting with a smug grin of superiority on his face for being able to make the run in less than half the time.

He pushed through the air until his wings stung like fire needles. He caught the streams of air to push him along and nearly crashed into the landing platform just to gain even a fragment of a second more.

“Where’s the fish?” Gaquliv inquired.

“No fish.” Yotej shot back annoyed that once again he failed to increase his time much at all.

“Really? I figured with all the time you took you must have been on a lovely holiday, taking your leisure, fishing.”

“And you? Were you napping the entire time I was gone?”

“I most certainly could have, not only that I could have married and had three children by the time you graced us with your glorious presence.”

“You could have if any woman would have you.”

“No, no woman could, but many have tried.”

“But of course they couldn’t stomach your arrogance.”

“Is that a mirror you hold in your hands dear cousin?”

Yotej turned towards the council building as Gaquliv spread his wings and flew off. Someday he would show his cousin that he had the right to wear the golden seal of a messenger of the Council.

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